So They Fall

Last week I quit school.

Everything was fine on the outside, but deep inside I wasn’t happy. Since I started my studies a year ago, I’ve been unsure of whether it’s the right path for me.

It’s been great to learn new things but the curriculum wasn’t for me. I want to carve my own path instead of following a system made by someone else.

I’ve also had to put music aside because the studies have taken all my time. It’s sad because music has been such a central part of my life since I was ten. I’ve had some mental issues recently, and I think they’re at least partly due to ignoring my creative flow.

Now I’m dividing my time in half between music and coding. In the morning I’ll learn new music and try to make some of my own, and in the afternoon I’ll study some programming and create websites as a freelancer.

Here’s a new song I made today. It’s about autumn.

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